Wrap360 Features

With Wrap360 you get 3 systems in 1: 

  1. 1. Broker Portal -- to easily generate Wrap SPDs, Plan Documents & PCPs
  2. 2. Employer SPD Portal -- to view and maintain compliance documents
  3. 3. Employee Benefits Document Portal -- to access Wrap SPDs and other benefits documents

Since its launch, Wrap360 has allowed brokers to easily generate Wrap SPD and Plan documents for clients. Now you can invite employer groups to assist in the creation and maintenance of their companies Wrap SPDs.

And, employers can share their firm’s Wrap SPD and accompanying insurance certificates and documents with their employees (plan participants) via the MyWrapSPD portal.

Take a look inside the enhanced Wrap360:

  • Broker Wrap Portal
  • Employer SPD Portal
  • Employee Benefits Document Portal

Broker Wrap Portal


Our easy-to-use dashboard delivers real-time status updates on Wrap document creation. At a glance, you can tell which documents you’ve completed and which need to be finished. The dashboard also allows you to search and find tagged clients that are assigned to specific producers or account managers, giving you an easy view of their book of business.

Broker Wrap Portal

Spanish Language Wrap SPD Documents

With the Wrap360 system, you can generate the Wrap SPD and Wrap Plan Document in Spanish. This is an add-on for those that want to offer the Wraps documents in Spanish.

Adding or Import of Employer Information

Adding employers is extremely easy. Simply choose the option that works for you:

  • 1. Add clients one at a time
  • 2. Upload an Excel XLS file of all your employer groups
  • 3. Import your clients from HR360 if you have a ‘750 Solution’ subscription
  • 4. Import your clients and plan information from Vertafore’s BenefitPoint benefits management system


Real-Time Updates and Alerts

Wrap360 is updated in real-time; when any requirements change, you’ll receive updated Wrap SPD and Plan Document templates. You’ll also get email alerts regarding changes to ERISA or IRS requirements that could impact Wrap SPD and Plan Document compliance.

Export of Employer Information

It’s your data and you should be able to export it! Our competitors may make it easy to add clients…but with many competitive systems, it’s almost impossible to export that same information. Not with Wrap360! We have a feature that allows you to easily export employer information to an Excel XLS file in a snap.

Additional Notices to Complement the Wrap SPD

Wrap360 includes a library of essential notices, documents and templates for your clients, such as:

  • SMM (Summary of Material Modifications) templates and guidelines
  • COBRA Rights and COBRA Election Notice
  • Employer CHIP Notice
  • Model Health Care Reform Notices
  • HIPAA Notices like Certificate of Creditable Coverage, Wellness Program Disclosure and Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)
  • Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notices
  • SBC (Summary of Benefits and Coverage) template
  • Notices for small and large employers


Marketing and Support Documents

Wrap360 provides the marketing and support materials you need to sell and service Wrap SPDs and Wrap Plan Documents. Your subscription includes the following essentials:

  • Board of Directors Resolutions like Adoption of Plan and Amendment documents
  • Cover Letters for Plan Administrator, Plan Participants and Corporation Shareholders
  • Data Collection Booklet and Employer Intake Form
  • DOL Audit Tools such as Health Plan Audit Checklist, Tips for Navigating a DOL Health Plan Audit, and How-to Lower the Risk of a DOL Audit
  • Marketing Support via a Flyer, Tips for Distributing a Wrap document and Employer FAQs
  • Other Welfare Benefit Plan Tools including Guidelines, Forms and Checklist
  • Section 125 Plan Enrollment Form


SPD Review Document

Reviewing the SPD with an employer prior to distributing to employees is one of the most important things you can do. To simplify this step, we’ve created an ‘SPD Review Document’ that allows both you and the employer to double check all the information and plan details that were entered into the Wrap360 system.

Carrier/TPA Database

Wrap360’s Carrier and TPA database enables you to upload names, addresses, and claims phone numbers for easy auto-population into the SPD and Plan document.

Reliable Data Maintenance

Wrap360 will maintain all your client data so that you can easily make changes and issue revised Wrap SPDs or Wrap Plan Documents if necessary.