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Navigating Through a DOL Audit [Video]


Presentation on How To Navigate Through a DOL Audit [22 mins].

  • This speech was given at the CT AHU BeneFair Conference on September 18, 2014:
    - Reasons for a DOL Audit
    - What to Do and Not Do During an Audit
    - How to handle an On-Site DOL Interviews
    - How to Resolve a DOL Audit


Top Tips for Navigating Through a DOL Audit

Tips for Navigating Through a DOL Audit  

Learn the 4-steps of Navigating a DOL Audit.

  • Guide Describes:
    - What Triggers a DOL Audit
    - Do's and Don'ts of a DOL Audit
    - Dealing with On-Site DOL Interviews
    - How DOL Audits are Resolved


DOL Health Plan Audit - Document Request Checklist

DOL Audit Document Checklist  

Learn the specific types of documents that are normally requested during a DOL audit.

  • Checklist includes:
    - How the Plan Works
    - Administrative
    - Health Care Reform
    - HIPPA
    - Other Health Insurance Related Laws


How To Lower the Risk of a DOL Audit

Minimize the Risk of a DOL Audit 

A DOL audit can happen to your clients at any time. Learn how these audits are triggered.

 In this booklet you will learn how to:
- Responding to employee questions and benefits needs
- Maintaining and distributing ERISA-required documents, such as Summary Plan Descriptions
- Distributing ERISA-required notices, such as Health Care Reform notices