Are documents generated in Microsoft Word or as a PDF?

Both. You have the choice of generating the documents in either MS Word or PDF format. We also combine all the documents into one zip file that you may download.

 Can I amend the SPD or Wrap Plan Documents once I have already generated them?

Yes, just update any of the information (like the employer information or general plan information) or add, edit or delete component benefit plan information, save your changes and then simply re-generate the Wrap SPD and Wrap Plan documents. If appropriate, be sure to indicate that the documents are an amendment and restatement of an existing plan.

 If I amend the Wrap SPD or Wrap Plan Document, does that count as a new set of documents?

No, it does not count as a new set of documents. The system counts a new set of documents when you enter a new employer's Federal Tax ID.

 Is there a limit on the number of people at my company who can use the username and password to access the Wrap360 system?

You get one username and password with your subscription to Wrap360. You may choose to share that access information with any number of staff members within your organization. Keep in mind that whoever has access can view all the information that has been entered.

Please Note: Wrap360 and its employees and officers are not permitted to offer legal advice. These FAQs are provided for general information purposes only. As the answers to specific questions may vary based on federal or state law, as well as on company documents for the issues in question, it would be prudent to consult knowledgeable benefits counsel for individualized guidance.