How do I enter benefit plans offered through Cal Choice into the Wrap360 system?

While there has been no specific guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor on how to handle this, Wrap360 recommends listing Cal Choice in the Wrap templates, with Cal Choice or the carriers taking care of the required information for each individual regarding distribution of the benefit plan component documents (such as insurance contracts, benefit summaries, certificates of coverage, etc.)—which plan participants must receive in addition to the Wrap SPD to be compliant with ERISA.

 If an employer offers different types of medical plans (such as a PPO and HMO), does each one need to be added separately in the Wrap documents?

Information regarding the type of options offered (i.e. HMO/PPO options) does not need to be included in the Wrap documents because it will be in the benefit component documents, and if there are changes the Wrap documents will have to be amended. However, if there are two different contract numbers, it would be prudent to add the particular benefit as a separate plan (in this case, you still do not have to specify HMO/PPO, but you can enter this as the name of the plan if desired—i.e., Medical Plan HMO and Medical Plan PPO).

Please Note: Wrap360 and its employees and officers are not permitted to offer legal advice. These FAQs are provided for general information purposes only. As the answers to specific questions may vary based on federal or state law, as well as on company documents for the issues in question, it would be prudent to consult knowledgeable benefits counsel for individualized guidance.